All Displays Retail Kit – Includes all 6 Formulas

SKU: 5090.

All Displays Retail Kit – Includes all 6 Formulas


The Full Set. Includes a 12-bar display for each of our 6 formulas.

J.R.LIGGETT’S now offers a nice, attractive and functional Retail Store display for each of the different formulas of shampoo that we make. There is no additional charge for ordering the display, you are only paying for the bars inside of the display.

Each display consists of a package that converts to a shelf display by easily following the printed directions on the box to covert it into a display box. The display hold 12 of the same formula shampoo bars and they are designed to sit side by side and take up as little shelf space as possible while giving a good presence of our shampoo bars.

You can order a 12 Bar Display for any of the formulations we make.