Moisturizing Formula Shampoo Bar – 3.5oz

Moisturizing Formula Shampoo Bar – 3.5oz


Vitamin E – Aloe Vera – Almond Oil are added to our original shampoo formulation to moisturize and aid in the healing and restoration of damaged dry hair.  Great for cold weather climates.

Vitamin E - Aloe Vera - Almond Oil are added to our original shampoo formulation to moisturize and aid in the healing and restoration of damaged dry hair. These ingredients help to add back some of the natural oils that have been lost along the way by those who have colored, permed, or otherwise damaged their hair.

This bar of shampoo is also great for cold winter climates where, through lack of humidity, everything dries out.

It has a sentimental earthy fragrance that is reminiscent of times gone by.


J.R.LIGGETT'S Moisturizing Formula is made from...

Olive Oil

The remarkable benefits of olive oil have been known for thousands of years. It is a natural conditioner that makes hair shiny and soft, and is loaded with antioxidants to keep your scalp healthy. Olive oil fights hair loss by helping control dandruff, fungi, and bacteria. It prevents hair follicle shafts from narrowing by preventing DHT hormone production, letting you hold onto your hair longer. It can also improve blood circulation to the scalp and stimulate hair follicles, giving you thicker, healthier strands.

Coconut Oil / Virgin Coconut Oil

The main component behind our luxurious lather, coconut oil works wonders on the hair and scalp. The fats present in coconut oil retain the moisture content of the skin, and help eliminate further losses. The antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties found within protect from microbial infections than can enter through the pores. Coconut oil also contains Vitamin E, and is fantastic with skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Castor Oil

Native to Africa and India, this oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It accelerates blood flow to the scalp, thus increasing hair growth. It is very nourishing on the scalp and helps strengthen the roots with essential nutrients.

Mango Butter

Extracted from the kernels of the mango tree in southern Asia, mango butter contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E. It helps keep the skin moisturized and promotes cell regeneration, resulting in a healthier hair and scalp.

Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E serves as an excellent moisturizer. It has the added benefit of protecting against UV radiation and environmental pollution. This essential nutrient can inhibit the signs of premature aging, and enhances the absorption of other natural oils into the hair and scalp. Vitamin E also works wonderfully on color treated hair.

Aloe Vera

We all know the benefits of aloe vera on sunburn, but it is also superb on hair. Rich in vitamins A and C, as well as amino and folic acids, it is very soothing and healing. Aloe vera moisturizes a dry scalp and will rejuvenate hair follicles and reduce thinning. It helps to tame frizzy hair by locking in moisture, making it also very effective as a detangler.

Almond Oil

A great source of vitamins A, B, and E, almond oil contains high levels of proteins that rejuvenate dull, dry hair. It is very moisturizing and works wonders for those with itchy, dry skin, and split ends. Almond oil is very healing and soothing and makes hair strong and thick to help combat hair loss, and even offers protection against harmful UV radiation.

18 reviews for Moisturizing Formula Shampoo Bar – 3.5oz


My absolute favorite! I have long hair that is fine and gets dry, brittle, annd damaged easily. My hair is also transitioning from a dark brunette to a salt and pepper color as I age. My younger brown hair is stick straight and doesn’t curl while the silver hair has wave to it and doesn’t straighten. Nice combination, huh! As my hair gains more silver, the texture has changed from soft and fine to a more coarse feel, and I really miss the previous soft hair that I got so many compliments on. Since using the moisturizing shampoo bar and conditioner bar, my hair is back to being super soft, feels clean, looks and feels healthy, AND the brown and silver hairs have decided to get along and work together at looking and feeling smooth! I love that the scent is light and neutral, and there has been no product build up or residual scent once the hair is dry. I also love that the ingredients are natural, minimal, and cover more than just cleaning and moisturizing – the ingredients also protect my hair from styling and serve as a detangler meaning 1) I don’t need to use a detangler and heat protectant, and 2) I have not experienced any damage or split ends to my hair since switching to these products. Win-win!

reccet (verified owner)

I absolutely love this shampoo! My hair feels clean, it lathers up nicely and my itchy scalp that I had using bottled products is a thing of the past. Bye bye bottles, this is my go to from now on.


Discovered this original bar shampoo just recently at a local health food store. Tried it out and was blown away. My hair is greying, fine, and curly and I have so many allergies it’s ridiculous. I would try a so-called safe shampoo only to discover that my scalp would break out, hair fall out, and my hair felt like steel wool. I am so glad you don’t add anything that I’m allergic to. Plan to try moisturizing bar too and switch them up.

Pam (verified owner)

I am a convert from regular shampoo. I found this shampoo at a small farm stand and haven’t used any other shampoo since.
I love that it is a bar and easily packed in suitcases, backpacks, etc. My favorite is the Moisturizing bar. Just decided to use another “clean” bar and found it weighs my hair down and can I tell you the hair loss I all of sudden experienced. Switching back to the moisturizing shampoo and you can feel the difference. It is more lightweight, bouncy and feels fuller. My hair has started to come back from the hair loss and will never switch to another shampoo. Good job J.R. Liggett!


I bought the sampler pack to discover the best shampoo bar for my hair. I started with this one since I was getting ready to dye my hair with henna which dries it out for a week or so. This formula was perfect for restoring the moisture right away. It’s been a week and I’m ready to save this sampler bar for the next round of dyeing and try another.


I have fine, graying, curly/wavy hair for which I have used the “naturally curly” method for many years now … with decreasingly satisfying results. On a whim I tried your Moisturizing Bar and I can’t even believe how fantastic my hair looks and feels. I get soft, bouncy, natural curls with your soap and just a tiny dab of curl cream to air dry and style. I simply lather it in, leave it for the duration of my shower and then rinse it out. I even put a bit back into my wet hair to use as a “leave-in.” Sounds crazy, but it works great! I’m bound to save TONS of money on expensive shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Thank you for a really excellent product that’s good for my hair and the environment! ❤️


I was thrilled to find these bars. I started with the original formula, but now switch between the moisturizing and coconut/argan ones. I have fine-textured, naturally curly hair that is getting over-taken by coarse silver hair with a mind of it’s own. These shampoo bars are all I use now. I’ve been plagued by build-up on my scalp all my life (must be my genes), and I had hoped these bars would address that. In my efforts to go greener with my ablutions, I started using a vinegar rinse in lieu of conditioner around the same time I switched to the JRL bars, and I find that beneficial for controlling the build-up (and it makes me crave salad when some drips on my lips).

Helen A

I switched to bar shampoo in an effort to stop using palm oil and palm oil derived ingredients. It took me a few uses before I was convinced that this bar would not dry out my waist-length fine hair. The game changer is following apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse (1 tablespoon ACV in one cup of water). ACV rinse is an amazing conditioner, but it only does its magic after a natural “soap” cleansing. The two products are perfect complements. My hair is super clean, tangle-free and smooth without using any styling products. The bar also lasts a long time and does not melt on my shower shelf. (I use a soap stand, so it dries quickly after every use.) I’m glad that I found this product and expect to re-order after I finish the two bars I have – though that might take a year.


Thanks for picking us Helen. It’s very important to us to preserve our planet which is why we don’t use any palm oil by-products.


Superb for scalp & fine hair

Only use various Liggett’s bars x 4 yr since taking it on a 3 week trip 4 yr ago. My hair appears cleaner AND more moisturized than any Salon $$$ shampoo I ever tried or had used at a haircut. Secret is partly to take time to lather for a minute or more, leave on scalp for 2 minutes to let it sink in, then rinse. No need for expensive conditioners or detanglers. Also use for face & body during showers while traveling

J.R.LIGGETT Orders Admin

We are so delighted you found our bar shampoo, and even more delighted to hear how well it’s treated your hair. Our bars are made to be easy traveled with we even have our own travel kit.


Halthiest Hair Ever!

I’ve been using this bar for many years and my hair is the most healthy it’s ever been! Travels in a zip lock bag. Leaves your hair squeaky clean!


Love this shampoo bar!!!!

I have fine hair and over the years it has seemed to get courser and not as bouncy as when I was a child. It made me sad who does love children/baby hair. Well IV been on a mission to cut back on Plastics and be more green and I came across shampoo bars. I purchased one from over seas and it was ok…. But it left my hair dried out. I really wanted to get rid of hair conditioner as well and buy a product made in the USA. I seen this shampoo bar on Amazon and though I would Google their website. I purchased there sampler bar kit and fell head over heels in love with them. The fact that they don’t use any chemicals astringents or detergents In These Bars are amazing. I am flabbergasted that my hair from my childhood is back. Soft, shiny, manageable and light. No more hair conditioner for me. Brushing my hair out after washing is a breeze. I am very impressed with this product and will be purchasing it a billion times over. I have plans on making little gift bags for everyone I know and these are definitely going in them for Christmas. I was my hair 2 – 3 × a week.



I have black natural hair and this is the best shampoo I’ve ever used

Mexican girl

I love this product

My hair feels so healthy


Awesome product

I have been no “Poo” since June 2017 as in no commecial chemical laden shampoo, started with baking soda/ vinegar routine until I read BS is bad for hair, so then switch to castile coconut milk DIY shampoo, this works well and leaves hair soft but does not feel thoroughly clean, tried J.R Liggett moisturizing shampoo bar and was thrilled at how well it lathers up and doesn’t feel drying, and my hair smells clean, despite no frangrances added, love the simple PURE ingredients, THANK YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT!


Love this –especially becuz no sunflower oil

The Moisurizing Formula is wonderful, as it stays true to the original, original recipe which had no sunflower oil (a terrible allergen for me).

Thank you Dr. Ligget !!


Pretty awesome stuff!

I bought this in Topsfield MA at a farm store, figuring it would be great for traveling. It is! The aroma alone intrigued me, but it lathers quickly and leaves hair feeling clean and soft. I just googled their site to see which other products they carry. I’m hooked!


5 stars–was a convert 3 years ago!!

I have been using JR Liggett shampoo bars for 3 years. I have fine, limp hair. After trying several different bars I found the moisturizing bar the best for my hair. I have lots of new hair growth and my hair remains light and not limp with this bar. It is a wonderful product. One bar lasts a long time. I wash my hair 2 X a week and I believe the bar lasts almost 6 months. Money well spent.

Nature Girl


I LOVE this product! So does my husband. It lathers up amazingly and cleans my hair so easily. The best is the peace of mind knowing that no longer am I subjected to adding all of those nasty chemicals into my scalp that would be absorbed into our skin easily by washing in warm/hot water. I am also allergic to most fragrances due to the chemicals and I have zero issues with this product. Thank you for staying pure!

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