The 19 Best Travel Toiletries of 2024 by Travel and Leisure – J.R.LIGGETT’s picked for Best Shampoo Best Travel Toiletries of 2024 has put together a great list of the best travel toiletries of 2024.   We are honored to have been chosen for the best shampoo, and we couldn’t agree more 🙂

Here’s what they had to say about the J.R.LIGGETT’s Original Shampoo Bar:

Not only are shampoo bars more environmentally friendly (due to lack of plastic packaging) and more cost-effective (since you typically get more washes out of a bar than a bottle) than their liquid counterparts, but they’re also a mess-free, TSA-friendly option for travel.

We especially love this all-natural pick because it can also be used as a body soap, a lubricant for shaving, or for hand washing clothing items such as socks and underwear. The 100 percent vegetable oil formulation doesn’t strip the natural oils from your hair and naturally conditions it, so many people find they don’t need to use an additional conditioner after shampooing (and can therefore pack one less item).

See what else made the list:

The 19 Best Travel Toiletries of 2024 (

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