There is a good solution for those of you who have hard water.

Hard water is just something you have to work around if you don’t have a water softener.

You can fake soft water by using a baking soda/water rinse. In fact, the “No Poo” people only use the baking soda rinse and skip shampoo altogether. This is not the best method as it doesn’t clean the greasy roots if you don’t shampoo a few times a week. Try mixing a small amount of baking soda (about a half tablespoon) with a cup or so of warm water, and apply it to your dry hair in the shower. Then, before using any hard water on your hair, lather up with the J.R.LIGGETT’S. You will likely find that if you rub it around on the lengths (with long hair), as you do on your scalp area, it will lather fairly well. Next rinse thoroughly, then go ahead and use the hard water to rinse the lather out. The only time the hard water is really an issue is while lathering – it’s fine for a rinse.

Don’t worry too much about tangling while lathering because the ACV rinse below is going to make everything turn out nicely. Just go ahead and lather up. You might find that when you get a good lather going on the lengths of your hair, you likely will have little to no residue left on your hair after shampooing. 

ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse can be used after shampooing with the bar if you feel a need for it. Mix about a tablespoon of ACV with about a cup of warm water and rinse your hair with it. Let the mixture sit for a couple of minutes in your hair, and then rinse it out, using your hard water which is fine. The smell of the vinegar dissipates into nonexistence when your hair is dried. After the shower, it is often easier to comb out using this ACV rinse than when using commercial leave-in conditioners!

It may sound sort of time consuming but it takes no longer than normal shampooing. By using the baking soda water rinse to wet your hair, you’ll also be save shower water.

The above was condensed from a post to the website Tumblr, “J.R. Liggett’s and How To Get It Done”



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