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Tea Tree & Hemp Oil Formula Shampoo Bar - 3.5oz

Tea Tree & Hemp Oil Formula Shampoo Bar - 3.5oz

Product Review (submitted on May 3, 2018):
my main scalp concerns: itchy, flakey scalp + clogged follicles

when i say my scalp is itchy, i mean it. i used to scratch it until it bleeds (and now I have bald spots and much thinner hair because of friction alopecia) and i tried all kinds of shampoos with no success.

this is the only shampoo that has gotten rid of 90% of the terrible, terrible itch I have.

it doesn't leave residue on my scalp but it leaves residue on my hair strands when I use too much, but that residue easily washes out when i condition

my scalp is still flakey and follicles are still clogged tho but that can be solved with exfoliation :) love this brand!!!! cheers