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Mini Traveler Pack - w/4 Mini Shampoo Bars

Mini Traveler Pack - w/4 Mini Shampoo Bars

Product Review (submitted on October 20, 2017):
I bought the Mini Traveler Pack for an 8-day trip to Mexico. I carried along all four bars and still have 2 that I never opened.

There was very little water pressure where we stayed, but the shampoo rinsed out quickly and easily and left my hear feeling clean with no soapy residue.

I also used it as a spot remover. My son spilled hot chocolate on his shirt and didn't mention it until evening when it was dry. The Liggett bar and a little warm water took the chocolate out.

Finally, these bars come with a brilliant little soap saver that keeps the bar clean. It worked wonderfully and was a nice addition to this kit.